The highest 10 best adult dating apps along with apps with The greater toronto area

Meet people with apps? Why not? But what are the best dating apps of the moment? Getting to know people on chat or dating applications is now a common way to broaden your circle of friends and, often, create new love relationships. Let’s review, then, the most popular applications of the moment.

The most common, and probably the one that works best. Tinder has a very simple system of operation. You can register by phone number or directly by connecting your Facebook profile. You create a profile by being able to enter a short description, up to 5 photos to scroll, a favorite song and you can also connect your Spotify and Instagram. Then strangers will be able to see a description of us, the photos we post on Instagram and our favorite artists.

Of course you can also choose not to connect Instagram and Spotify, to insert only the phone (if you connect Facebook automatically, the app will choose the best photos to show to our “suitors”). You can also put just a photo without a description: there are also those who put the photo and then remove it, leaving the profile photo blank (and we do not understand what sense it makes) or who puts a non-identifying photo of his person (a famous person , a pet, a sunset) …

The operation is very simple: you swipe right for a like and left to jump to the next profile: if there is a match (a like given by both) you can chat. Costs: the Tinder Plus version that allows unlimited “scrolling” and 5 super likes (in practice our interlocutor knows that we liked him) costs 9.99 euros per month for under 28s and 19.90 for others . Tinder Gold, which also includes the ability to see who has liked us, costs 5 Euros more.

Here, too, you like or brutally check out. The main difference is that Lovoo shows all compatible neighboring profiles such as “mosaics” and shows if the user is online (indicating it with a green dot). By clicking on the individual user you can view a more detailed profile. Lovoo allows you to send a direct message to users (the function is called Ice Breaker and one is given a day unless you sign up for a vip profile).

With the paid version you can send more Ice Breakers, you can view the profiles of others without being seen, you can highlight the profile more. The subscription costs 11.99 per month, the cost for three months is 24.99 and the annual cost is 69.99.

Here you do not scroll profiles on profiles waiting for the match, but it is the dating application itself that creates, every day, a match between two people that it considers compatible. The advantage is to have less of the “sticker” effect and, at least in theory, to have a selected partner compatible with us. It also avoids that strange syndrome of “drunk” of profiles (or likes, especially if you are a girl) which makes it a little indifferent to see any profile.

So if we like the profile proposed to us, we can start interacting, otherwise it will be enough to wait until the next day to see the next proposed profile.

We could call it a feminocratic Tinder. Basically, the operation is the same as Tinder but with a notable difference: not only a reciprocal match is needed but it will also be necessary for the girl to start the chat that can never be started by the male (which happens in 90% of cases on the others app). Very interesting also to avoid the accumulation of pain in the ass on your profile …

A little different as a dating application is Ok Cupid. The app prepares questions: each answer will give a score that can be approached in percentage by “similar” users. Basically those who answer “like us” will be shown as more compatible by the app. It is a bit like the system with which meetic and the very first dating sites on the web also work.

The free version allows you to see up to a maximum of 5 people who have seen your profile. To see more, you have to switch to the paid version (19.90 per month, 9.99 per month for 6-month subscriptions) which also allows searches in “not visible” mode. It is among the dating apps also used in Italy.

A very common problem on these apps is that of fakes. Being able in many cases to register only with the phone number, there are many fake profiles, the notorious fake. What even those who sign up with Facebook can do, just have a fake Facebook profile upstream. Of course, this way the aim of bringing real people to meet even in reality becomes impossible. tries to remedy in a very simple way. To register, you cannot upload a photo from your gallery but you must take a selfie at the time of registration. The app also allows you to have a video chat as well as to speak in a classic way, via text.

For those who are not used to dating apps, they may seem a bit aseptic way of creating relationships. Yet marriage agencies, sites for chatting with strangers, dating sites like Meetic have been around for a long time. The tool does not change the character and does not “invent anything”: if used well, however, it is one more way to meet new people …

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